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                  Summer EDITION

show-up & shoot 
summer EDITION

We are excited to announce another Show-up & Shoot! The launch of this project was the Father's Day Edition, and now we're happy to share the Summer Edition! We are calling it the Summer Edition because it will celebrate all the late Summer celebrations like Father's Day, Pride, and of course the transition into Summer itself! Come celebrate Summer with us!

the Why:

❓So… what is Show-Up and Shoot?
An event in a decorated space with multiple backdrop-stations where anyone with a camera, cell phone or otherwise, can go to take photos. 
❓Take photos of what? Well, that’s up to you! If you’re a parent, come take photos of you kids amongst the different backdrops! If you’re a creative, come take photos of what you created! If a content creator, come create content! If an entrepreneur, come take photos of your product! If an influencer, come take photos of you! We will have multiple stations, all themed and designed by a decorator and florist: Dulce Events.

the What:

This will be the 5th event and it will be styled to celebrate Summer! There will be 8 different stations all on theme and staged by a decorator:

Station 1: Newspaper Wall
Station 2:White Linen Lounge Setting
Station 3: Canvas and Trunk Station
Station 4: Construction Site Backdrop
Station 5: Gray Headshot Station 
Station 6: Best Ever PA Balloon Couch
Station 7: Lemonade Backdrop
Station 8: Disco Station

PROPS TABLE: There will be MISC props on a table to grab and utilize throughout your time there.

the Specifics:

Station 8

Station 2

Station 6

Station 3

Station 4

Station 5


Station 7


📸 Now, the point is not for Jorge and I to shoot. I mean, we can if you wanna’ hire us to, but that’s not the point. 
Rather, the point of this is to have a place for people who:
👪“… want to capture their kids as they grow amongst these sweet, themed backdrops but can’t justify a pro-photographer seasonally…” can come and take portraits of their own kids!
🧑‍🎨“… want to capture their art/creations seasonally for marketing but don’t want to by all the props and do all the staging…” can come take photos to get the marketing you need, without all the work behind it!
🤳“… want to document themselves for their social media outlets seasonally…”
🐕‍🦺 ”… want to capture your precious fur baby…”
Show-up and Shoot is truly intended for almost everyone! Parents, creatives, content creators (like influencers and such), fellow photogs, entrepreneurs, just all the lovers of photos and milestones!

the Who:

Show-Up & Shoot will be a monthly event lasting a majority of the month. It will mostly take place indoor in our midtown studio. BUT! We will also have some Show-Up & Shoot Events that are outdoor so that we can have picnic setting station, a VW bus station and other fun and unique settings!

uvVisions Studio - J St. + 18th. St
1722 J Street Ste 218
Sacramento CA 95811
Street Parking all along 18th 

the Where:

We want this to be fun and affordable. SO! One day of every in-studio event will be free! We are sure that day will be crazy, and there may be lines for stations, but I want people budgeting to be able to capture these moments, too! Free Event Days will require RSVP. We will be there to wipe down and tidy up as people move through. Other dates throughout the month will either be: private bookings (which is better for reel creation) and shared-space bookings (you and up to 2 other bookings in the space). It’s $75 to reserve your Private slot and $40 per person/group for a shared slot. Once in, you can do with the stations as you please!

the Investment:

Rental Options:
1) PRIVATE BOOKING: Just you and/or your household in studio for a 60min duration. 

2) SHARED-SPACE BOOKING: You and/or your household in the Space with (potentially) 2 other Bookings in Space as well. Since there are more than 4 stations, this isn't a problem. 60min duration. 

3) PRIVATE-EVENT BOOKING: You and/or your household with 3 other households book for a private studio event. The benefit of this is that you know the 3 other bookings and can share in the booking experience and expense. 60min duration.



$75 private price

$40 shared price

$150 private-event price

free day is Thursday 06/15/23 at
2pm + 3pm + 4pm + 5pm + 6pm


scroll in the box below to submit a BOOKING request


(916) 320-1644
(916) 949-2981


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Free Day Is THURSDAY 06/15/23 from 2pm to 7pm

Free Day Is THURSDAY 04/27/23 From 2pm To 7pm