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" We are Real Lovers, Capturing Real Love "

We promise to always be there to capture your moments and to be your friends. we promise to be professional as well as fun. We promise to capture your beautiful MOMENTS as they unfold and to always keep them safe. we promise to be your storyteller and to capture your unique love. our promise to you is to be the best photography team we can be just to see you and your loved ones happy.


There will be 1 OR 2 PHOTOGRAPHERS shooting for 30 MINUTES. 50 edited IMAGES are promised. All images are delivered digitally via a virtual gallery for easy printing, sharing and downloading. uvVisions shares Copyrights with clients - meaning clients have Copyrights and can print images via a professional printing vendor, all while photographers maintain Copyrights. No watermarks are used on images.
2 PHOTOGS: To enjoy a 30 min session with both Jorge + UV (2 photographers) at a location of your choice below, the package amount will be:                     $50 due to secure your session, remaining balance of $300 due 5 days prior to the session.
1 PHOTOG: To enjoy a 30 min session with Cynthia (1 photographer) at a location of your choice below, the package amount will be:
$50 due to secure your session, remaining balance of $200 due 5 days prior to the session.


+ 1Hour Session for 1household = $550 **
+ 1Hour Session for multiple households (6 to 10 individuals in the session) is an additional $100 fee.** (every additional 5 people is an additional $100). i.e. Large Extended Family Session for 25 individuals = $550 + $100 + $100 = $750
** When should one add extra time? i.e. when an outfit change is wanted, a cake smash is added, extended family is included, etc.
+ When is it REQUIRED to add extra time: when the individual amount is larger than your immediate/household family.
+ For large extended family, we can do up to 30 individuals in an hour after that we require an hour and a half. Let us know how many individuals in the session and we will send you an exact quote.
+ Photoshopping: $100 for 50 favorite images
+ 1 Week Edits: $100
+ Next Day Edits: $150
+ USB with all edited images $50

add-on info:

click here to see sample virtual galleries


snow/rain/weather and rescheduling/Cancelation policy:

snow/rain/weather and

Under no circumstances will a retainer/deposit be refundable and under no circumstances will a retainer/deposit be transferable. uvVisions Photography is a business, this policy is in place for a reason. So if a family member gets sick, if a family-event comes up, if a family needs to reschedule for an reason whatsoever, the retainer/deposit will be credited to uvVisions toward the loss. In order to reschedule, a new booking proposal (with a new retainer/deposit) will be issued to be completed.
If weather becomes a factor on your session date, the session will still occur just at a location accommodatable by the weather; these options include Old Sacramento, Capitol Steps, or in-studio.
Excerpt from the contract: 1. Package Fees Section 1.7 IN THE CASE OF WEATHER: If weather becomes a factor, i.e. rain, on your scheduled session date and time, the session will move to a location where uvVisions can easily shoot in the rain due to overhead coverage, i.e. Old Sac or Capitol Steps, or the session is moved in-door. uvVisions Photography will determine what location works best for your particular date and time. If you wish to cancel due to weather, the retainer/deposit will be credited to uvVisions toward the loss of the session. If you wish to reschedule the initial retainer/deposit will be credited to uvVisions toward the loss of the session, and a new contract with a new retainer/deposit will be issued for the rescheduled date, time and location.

booking process:

Here are step by step directions on how to book the uvVisions team for Fall/Holiday Portraits:
1) Search through the galleries and pick a location that interests you. Under that location, choose a date and time.

2) After picking a location, date and time, write it all down. Then click the BOOK button.

3) The BOOK button will redirect you to an inquiry form. Fill-in your contact information and the session details that you wrote down (location, date and time).

4) Submit the inquiry, then wait about 24-48hours for a response.

5) Soon, a booking proposal will arrive via email.

6a) In the booking proposal there will be: confirmation of the date, time and location; a deposit of $50 to book the date ; a short questionnaire to complete ; a contract to sign.

6b) Upon completion of the proposal, you're booked! 

7) THEN YOU'RE SET! uvVisions will see you there and then!

916 . 320 . 1644